Singularentals offer companies, business schools, study centers, embassies, relocation agencies, and organizations in general a professional accommodation service for their staff and members, in fully furnished and equipped properties.

Why choose our properties over a traditional hotel?


Greater comfort: our properties have that homely feeling that a hotel room just cannot compete with.

The best furnishings and fittings: better furnished than any hotel room, since these properties are real homes.

More affordable: than hotel accommodation (we can offer a wide range of price points to suit different budgets).

Flexibility in the duration of stays: we will adapt to the duration of stay you require (whether it be months or years).


Why choose a “Singularentals property” over others in Madrid?

We exclusively manage a limited number of properties. Therefore, we have much better knowledge and control of our homes than any of our competitors who have to look after a much larger number of properties.

We are able to devote more attention to our corporate clients, to their staff and members, precisely because we manage a select number of properties. In addition, the partners at Singularentals speak to their corporate clients directly. We are in constant and sustained contact with them, we know their preferences, customs, and habits, and we are happy to respond to their suggestions with professionalism and effectiveness.

Thanks to our presence in the real estate market since 1998,the experience of Singularentals’ partners in the sector speaks for itself.