Singularentals are pleased to offer families traveling with children the opportunity to enjoy comfortable homes that are fully equipped for little ones.

Why choose our properties over a traditional hotel?

singular-familiasGreater comfort: our properties have that homely feeling that a hotel room just cannot compete with.

The best furnishings and fittings: better furnished than any hotel room, since these properties are real homes. Please refer to the “Facilities” section of the property to check what items are available: a cot with bedclothes, high chair, two types of baby baths, buggy, games and toys, DVDs for kids, and extra beds.

More affordable: than hotel accommodation (we can offer a wide range of price points to suit different budgets).

Flexibility in the duration of stays: we will adapt to the duration of stay you require (whether it be months or years).

Why choose a “Singularentals property” over others in Madrid?

We exclusively manage a limited number of properties. Therefore, we have much better knowledge and control of our homes than any of our competitors, who have to look after a much larger number of properties.

We are able to devote more attention to our corporate clients, to their staff and members, precisely because we manage a select number of properties. We are in constant dialogue with them and are continuously informed of any situation that may arise.